Billet Dock: The easiest iPad and iPhone dock

The Billet Dock is another great Kickstarter project. It comes in three variations: an iPad dock, an iPhone dock, and the “duplex” model that docks both devices. Nifty, eh? Each Billet Dock is CNC machined from a solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum. They can even expand to accommodate devices with cases and undocking can be done with one hand.

The Billet Dock also includes an internally machined resonance chamber designed to enhance acoustics and make the iPad sound better while adding 10 decibels of volume. Not to mention, the dock angles back your iPad 10 degrees putting it “perfectly in frame” for FaceTime calls.

If funded, the iPhone only dock will retail at $85, the iPad dock at $97, and the “duplex” model at $140. Kind of pricey, but yet so pretty. If you’d like to see these bad boys hit the shelves regardless of their price tag, fund the project on Kickstarter now. There’s still a month to go, but the project is over $45,000 out from its $50,000 goal.

With its nice design, great functionality, and dual dock version, the Billet dock might make a great companion for many.

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