Back Panel With Curved Design, Lightning Port Could Be Apple’s Low-Cost iPhone

A couple of new images have surfaced online today that show a plastic back panel with a Lightning connector, which could very well be the back panel of Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone. The images, found on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, appeared on The back panel is thicker than the iPhone 5 with a curved back design similar to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS designs.

The panel looks like it’s plastic. One of the images shows the Lightning connector attached to the phone’s port. It’s not really clear if this is an actual component of the rumored iPhone, but the design of it definitely matches up with previous rumors of the low-cost iPhone. Other than the Lightning port, it doesn’t have an identifiable factors, like an Apple label or logo, to really cement it as one of Apple’s iPhone parts, so it could have been made by anyone.

The part is also black, which contradicts earlier rumors that said the low-cost iPhone would come in different colors, leaving the traditional black color for Apple’s high-end iPhone.

Rumors have suggested that Apple will launch the low-cost iPhone later this year.

Low-Cost-iPhone2 also reported on another rumor concerning Apple’s “iPhone 6,” the device expected to launch in 2014. The device, according to Apple.Pro, will feature an even larger 4.7-inch display, as well as a body length similar to the iPhone 5. It would also be made out of metal but would feature a “slightly rounded point” in its design. This rumor might be jumping the gun a little bit though, as the iPhone 5S hasn’t even been released yet.

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