AViiQ Ready Clips Are Like Whoa

The best kind of product is one that solves a problem, and the AViiQ Ready Clip is all about solving a very common problem. The device may not look familiar at first glance, but it’s intended to replace whatever you’re using to connect your iDevice to your computer: Standard USB at one end, iPhone/iPad/iPod jack on the other. Unlike that piece of medieval torture which comes standard with your device — the one that tangles and twists and breaks in 40 or 50 predictable ways — the Ready Clip is a flat, rigid connector that doesn’t get all goofy when you put it in your pocket. In fact, it’s got a neat little clip that you can use to secure it in said pocket (much like a ball point pen clip), just in case you were worried your friends were starting to think you look too cool.

You can also get the AViiQ clip in Micro USB and Mini USB connectors so you can replace a whole lot of stupid connector cord problems with a simple $19.99-$29.99 doohicky that was designed to do something other than fail.

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