AT&T will throttle your data on your iPhone 5

AT&T throttled antenna

Are you a data hog? Do you, like me, giggle with pure joy as your data usage counter just keeps going and going into the red and beyond? Okay, so maybe I’m a little sadistic, but honestly, don’t you get a little rise out of watching your AT&T bill go up as you continue to use your iPhone? No? Hmmph.

Well, data nommers beware, AT&T is getting ready to make it harder to get that little phone-bill-through-the-roof high, AND harder to use your phone all at the same time, by slowing down your data service the more you use!

This is a popular pricing model among other carriers, T-Mobile among them, offering “unlimited” data transfer, but only guaranteeing speeds below a certain volume of data. It’s still a mystery as to whether AT&T will remove the volume-based pricing model they currently offer, and I certainly have my doubts. It’s said that AT&T has seen an 8000% increase in data traffic since the introduction of the iPhone back in the days when Apple was still mostly ironic and hipster.

This new restriction is said to go into effect the first week of October, perfectly timed for all those iPhone users surely to be scooping up their new iCloud-enabled iPhone 5s to hog down on even more data. I know I’m on that list… If only SOMEONE could tell me when I can buy it.

Source: 9to5mac

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