AT&T refuses to be the butt end of jokes, offers unlimited data again, kinda

The Verizon iPhone hasn’t even shipped yet, and somehow they’re managing to put enormous pressure on AT&T to stop sucking less. AT&T has been the butt end of a lot of jokes over the years, but today they’ve decided to take the first step away from the stigma that they don’t care about their customers. It’s the first step in a long road, but every journey has to begin somewhere, right? In this case, that journey begins with a loophole.

The Associated Press has uncovered that AT&T is now letting customers, who previously had unlimited accounts, re-gain access to an unlimited data plan. The Wall Street Journal website is classifying it as a loophole, so we’re not sure how long this will last.

Loophole or not, unlimited data is awesome. So, if you’ve been kicking yourself for giving up your unlimited data plan, now’s the time to get it back. If your AT&T customer support person starts busting your balls about it, just threaten to go to Verizon. I’m sure that’ll get the paperwork moving again.

Article Via The Wall Street Journal

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