Ask And Tell: Sparrow’s Subscription Plan For Push Services Not A Popular Idea

Today we’re introducing a new feature here on Macgasm. From time to time we’re going to be including a poll in a hot-topic post that asks you to weigh in on the topic. After a week, approximately, we’re going to write up the results of our findings.

So, here we go.

Last week we asked you if you would pay a subscription fee for Sparrow’s announced Push services in their iOS applications. While we don’t know the price, or how the company plans on releasing the subscription, we do know how you feel about the idea: 82.95 percent of you told us that you will not be paying a subscription fee for Sparrow’s Push email service. The other 17.05 percent of you said that you planned on paying for the service.

Some quick thoughts on the findings

Push email is not all that necessary for a majority of users. While it’s handy, it’s certainly not something that most actually “need” if they find themselves having to pay for it. So, we’re not overly suprised by the findings. Plus, if you really want Push services in your email, you could just head to Apple’s Mail app in iOS. They provide it for free.

Also, in the future, it may make more sense for us to figure out the price point at which people are willing to pay for the service. But, since this is our first Ask and Tell, we’ll have these things figured out in no time flat.

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