Apps of the Week: Clingle, Showyou, and Growl

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to take a look at some awesome apps for each platform: iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS. Today, we’re focusing on location-based social networking, video consumption, and productivity.

Ready? Let’s begin.

iPhone/iPod touch:

Clingle: I reviewed this app in my spare time to see if I could find use for it despite my allegiance to Foursquare. Surprisingly, I did. Although I don’t have many friends on there yet, the UI is enough to keep me around. Clingle lets you do a little bit more than its competitors. How so? It continues where Foursquare stops. After finding something cool around you or checking into a location, that’s where the fun begins. Clingle brings social to that check-in. Shoot a short video, record some audio, or even snap a picture on site. Then you can start a private group conversation with your friends. You can even leave special messages, or clingles, for your friends at special places. If you’re into trying out new apps, Clingle is worth the tryout.

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Showyou: Do you like videos? Do yah? Then get Showyou on your homepage pronto. This app puts the videos shared by people you know and follow on a beautiful, ever-scrolling grid. Browse through videos shared on Facebook, Twitter, and accounts you choose to follow within the app (Daily Show, Colbert Report, TED, Reddit TV, Pitchfork and more). When you see a video that catches your attention, tap on it to play it. You’ll be greeted by a nice UI that offers you some social features. Tap “like” to share with your social outlets. Plus, it’s also a universal app and it’s free!

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Growl: Heavy Mac users should already have this app. However, for those of you who for some reason don’t, Growl is a must-have. It’s the ultimate notification system for the Mac, the easiest way to know what is going on with other applications while you are working on something else. With custom popup notifications, you can see what happened elsewhere and get back to work in no-time. Whether that’s checking who that last email came from, getting notified of a retweet, etc., Growl has you covered. Now get it – it’s free!

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Well, that’s it for this week folks! Like the apps we mentioned? Share the post with your friends. Have any suggestions? Email me at or ping me @jarederondu and I’ll check them out. Until next Friday, have a great weekend.

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