Apps Of The Week: Artsy Fartsy Edition

Another week is drawing to a close, and frankly, it’s time to let the creativity in and remove the doldrums of cubicle living from your psyche. This week’s Apps Of The Week attempts to put the creative back in your life.

For The iPhone or iPod touch

Word Wit gives you the tools you need for proper word usage in those sticky situations where you’re used to saying the wrong word. For instance, is it piqued or peeked my interest? What about uninterested or disinterested? If you’re stumped with those, this app is for you. It’s actually pretty fun, and I’ve learned that I don’t nearly have the grasp on the English language that I thought I did.

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The iPad

Paper has made a lot of noise this week. The application is a digital sketchbook for your inner artist. The application gives artists a digital canvas to sketch on at a moment’s notice. It’s simple and beautiful, just how art should be. This one is worth checking out if you’re sketch-inclined. Oh, and you’ll probably want a stylus. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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The Mac

Are you an Instagram addict? Carousel puts your Instagram right on your Mac. The application, as it currently stands, only lets you view and comment on the photos in your stream, but in our opinion, that’s enough for a purchase. If you like to distract yourself with your friends’ beautiful photos, pick up Carousel.

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