Apple Testing New Touch-On-Display Technology For Next iPhone?

To make the iPhone 5 lighter and thinner than any iPhone before it, Apple used a new in-cell display technology that puts the touch sensors right into the display, instead of in a separate layer. The screens themselves are difficult to manufacture, which lead to supply shortages upon launch and some have experienced touch sensitivity issues on the new iPhone. Because of these issues, Apple is rumored to be testing out a new touch-on-display technology for the next iPhone.

Apple is said to already be working with Chimei Innolux, the largest LCD maker in Taiwan. According to new rumors, Innolux has already sent displays that feature the touch-on-display technology to Apple developed by the company for testing.

Innolux’s touch-on-display technology is thin, just like Apple’s current in-cell technology displays, and also has better touch sensitivity than most other touch panel designs. If Apple’s testing is successful, it’s likely that Innolux’s technology will be featured in the next iPhone, as well as Innolux becoming an important part of Apple’s supply chain.

These reports are in line with reports from last week that Apple had contacted Innolux in regard to its IGZO panels, which has been licensed to IGZO by Sharp. These panels will reportedly be included in the next generations of iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini products.

Image Credit: PCWorld

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