Apple Releases New iOS 4.2 Gold Master Seed to Developers

Today Apple released a second seed of the iOS 4.2 gold master to developers. The build — 8C134b — is rumored to include fixes for Wi-Fi connectivity issues some users have expeirnced running the previous build of the GM.

It is a little unusual to see a bug like this introduced so late in a release’s development cycle, but that’s why Apple usually waits at least a week between seeding a GM and releasing a finalized product to the public. Wireless issues were also present in early beta builds of the iPad software.

There has been no word from Apple on a final release date for iOS 4.2, but the company has said repeatedly that the release would be out this month. When it is released, it will bring multi-tasking, AirPlay, AirPrint and folders to Apple’s tablet, unifying iOS across the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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