Apple Playing Strict With Carriers Before Giving Them The “LTE” iPhone 5

Before a carrier can get the iPhone 5 onto its LTE network, Apple requires the company’s cellular network to pass a whole host of internal tests to determine the network’s viability and quality. Swiss carrier Swisscom let it slip that Apple doesn’t just let any carrier put the iPhone 5 on an LTE network. At Apple, network performance determines whether or not a carrier can sell the iPhone 5 as an LTE enabled device, not hyperbolic marketing people trying to sell a boat load of phones on a false pretence.

Telecoms reported:

“Bengt Nordstrom, founder and CEO at industry consultancy NorthStream told that his firm had also learned of Apple’s network testing policy in October …While extensive network testing of handsets has always been necessary, the focus has historically been on whether or not the handset functions on the network, with operators keen to protect their network assets and customer relationships against poor quality devices.”

Listen, carriers hate this kind of thing. They probably feel all threatened that Apple’s controlling things in their industry, and just like Telecoms reported, Apple’s in the driver seat now. Frankly, it’s exactly how it needs to be, which is actually a really sad commentary on how deceitful carriers are to their customers these days. When a phone maker has to make sure that their phones are being marketed properly and that no liberties are being taken, something is significantly wrong with the entire landscape.

It’s reasons like this that I’m happy Apple’s so strict with its products. If the carriers of the world had their way, we’d all be using LTE labelled devices on a 2G network. Heck, AT&T already tried selling the public on its 4G network when the they were clearly using 3.5G (HSPA+) technologies. It’s obvious someone had to step in and make sure things were on the up and up.

It’s pathetic, and we’re happy Apple’s making sure carriers aren’t lying to customers to sell some more phones. Apple takes a lot of crap for some of the stuff they do, but it’s pretty obvious that the company has the customer in mind most of the time. This is another example of how Apple looks out for its customers.

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