And The Survey Says: iPhone, iPad Most Popular Devices Among Teens

An analyst at Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster, has done a new survey of 7,700 teenagers in the U.S. and found that iPhone and iPad ownership is growing, nearly doubling results from the same survey last year. Even out of those who don’t yet own either device, many were planning to buy either an iPad or an iPhone in the next six months. There were strong results for both devices, although even more interest was shown for the iPad, despite there not being a new model expected in the near future (unless you count the iPad mini rumors).

Major findings from the survey:

  • Forty percent of US teens surveyed own an iPhone, compared to 34 percent last spring and 23 percent one year ago
  • Forty-four percent of teens own a tablet, compared to 34 percent six months ago
  • Out of the 44 percent of teens who own a tablet, 72 percent had an iPad
  • Twenty percent of teens planned to buy a tablet in the next six months
  • Of the 20 percent who planned to buy a tablet in the next six months, 74 percent said it would be an iPad
  • Sixty-two percent said their next phone would be an iPhone, while 22 percent said they would go with an Android phone
  • Almost half, 43 percent, of the teens surveyed said they would likely buy an iPad mini

Obviously this is good news for Apple. Munster said of the results, “We are reaffirmed in our belief that Apple remains the pre-eminent technology brand for teens. We believe that the launch of the smaller iPad could eventually increase iPad ownership among younger users. Overall, we expect Apple devices to continue to expand in teen ownership and believe that the company is set up well to benefit from loyalty among its younger user base.”

Source: Piper Jaffray via AllThingsD and Electronista
Image Credit: InnerDigital and AllThingsD

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