Amazon’s Cloud Player just became a bit more iOS friendly

Amazon Cloud Player in iPad Screenshot

One of the biggest complaints regarding Amazon’s initial launch of their Cloud Player was that if a user wanted to listen to a song they would have to download the song and use Mobile Safari’s mp3 playing ability to listen to the song. Well, Amazon has changed this behavior and you can now play songs using the ‘Play’ button that is shown on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Amazon Cloud Player in iPhone 4 screenshot

This is a small step towards complete iOS compatibility; however it is far from being completely usable on iOS devices. While it is technically possible to scroll down a list of songs using the two finger gestures, it is not as fluid as it could be and it is rather easy to accidentally select the wrong item.

Since you can scroll, you are also able to create and manage playlists but the performance is less than optimal compared to having this feature in a native application.

Amazon is definitely making headway towards making their Cloud Player 100% iOS Compatible. I am not sure if they are trying to do this in order to make sure that they get a good foothold in before Apple releases their rumored iCloud service. While I understand Amazon’s desire to primarily focus on Android, it would be quite nice to have a native Amazon Cloud Player application for iOS.

Article Via Electronista

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