Zite offers user profile switching for their iPad news app

One of the challenges of iOS is how to manage several users for the same device, but it looks like Zite’s iPad app and the feature called “Sybil” may have a solution. The name, of course, is borrowed from the book and movie about a troubled girl with multiple personalities, but the app idea is far less somber: Zite is an iPad news app that claims to “get smarter the more you use it,” but their new update also allows you to switch user profiles so that a shared iPad can give each individual user a specific and personalized news feed.

Zite is an app that congregates user-chosen feeds into a single app and then displays them in an attractive layout which falls partway between newspaper and magazine. Other iPad apps have done the same thing (FlipBoard most notably), but only Zite offers specific user profiles and, thereby, offers a degree of personalization that competitors can’t give.

There definitely are jailbreaking options that allow users to create multiple logins for system-wide iPad use (which probably appeals to you if you’re handing your iPad around to other people who are likely to snoop into your stuff)

Zite was actually acquired by CNN in August, but the app still functions under the Zite name.

Source: Gigaom

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