Wi-Fi Issue With 3rd Gen iPads Being Investigated By Apple


There has been a non-trivial number of people reporting that the Wi-Fi-only model of the new iPad has issues connecting and staying connected to wireless routers. The complaints range from an inability to join a wireless network to terrible speeds and dropped connections. With the sheer number of units sold, even a small percentage of flawed models could leave tens of thousands of people with malfunctioning iPads.

Well, it looks like Apple is taking these reports seriously. 9to5Mac has published what they claim is an internal Apple Store memo instructing employees to “Capture” suspected malfunctioning models. Apple is known for excellent customer care, so bringing in a malfunctioning model to a genius bar will probably end with you getting replacement model on the spot. Your mileage may vary depending on how polite you are, though.

Keep in mind, the only potentially affected models are the Wi-Fi-only third gen iPads. The LTE-capable models have that lovely plastic strip up top that helps the internal radios work better. I sure am glad that I ponied up the extra cash for the LTE model this time around.

So, do you have anything to report? Any problems with your Wi-Fi-only third gen iPad? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below this post. We’re interested in knowing how widespread this issue really is, and some anecdotal info would help.NewImage

Source: 9to5Mac
Image Credit: Sooyong Wang

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