Wall Street Journal Makes Its Way To iOS Newstand

The Wall Street Journal‘s iOS app has finally been made Newsstand compatible for all devices. Wall Street Journal subscribers who already have the company’s application installed will need to update it to version 5.0 via the App Store. Newsstand integration will make it easier for Wall Street Journal subscribers to read the publication across devices as page progress and other information is synced via the subscriber’s iTunes account. Users will also be able to purchase Wall Street Journal subscriptions via iTunes, though users can still go through the company directly if preferred.

What took Wall Street Journal so long to finally offer Newsstand support? Heck, up until now it was one of the only major print publications not selling access via Newsstand. For one, WSJ likely wasn’t too excited about forking over 30 percent of each Newsstand sale over to Apple. AllThingsD has noted that former Dow Jones (the company that owns the Wall Street Journal) president Todd Larsen was strongly opposed to selling the publication via Newsstand. Luckily for subscribers with iOS devices, he left his position over the summer, paving way for Newsstand support.

You can download the Wall Street Journal‘s iOS app free of charge.

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