Tax Breaks On New Mac And iPad Purchases During August Sales Tax Holiday

Apple has added an important update to the its online retail store today about Apple tax breaks. The new page explains how to purchase a new Mac or iPad and avoid the sales tax during the August Sales Tax holiday period. The new page has a small link that can be found on the online Apple Store, which details the states that are eligible for the tax free discounts.

For those who live in the following states and want to buy some Apple products, these are the dates and times that the August tax holiday is available for tax breaks on new Macs and iPads:

  • Alabama – August 3 to August 5
  • Georgia – August 10 and 11
  • Louisiana – August 3 & 4
  • Massachusetts – August 11 and 12
  • Missouri – August 3 to August 5
  • New Mexico – August 3 to August 5
  • North Carolina – August 3 to August 5
  • South Carolina – August 3 to August 5
  • Tennessee – August 3 to August 5

Like anything, there are certain restrictions placed on each purchase, which the Apple site also gives details about. Customers looking to take advantage of the sales tax holiday need to be aware that different states have different purchase limits. For instance, the sales tax holiday runs from August 10-11, 2012, in Georgia, and the purchase must be less than $1,000 of computer equipment for personal use, whereas in Missouri residents are allowed purchases of up to $3,500 and residents in South Carolina don’t have a purchase limit.

According to the site, the sales tax will appear in the cart after checkout, but customers will receive the correct amount in their email confirmation.

Source: Apple Bitch and Apple
Image Credit: Apple

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