Spotify For iPad Has Finally Arrived With Retina Graphics

Spotify, the new music sensation that’s sweeping the nation world, has finally hit the iPad. Let’s just say they’re fashionably late. The Retina application, which began propagating in the iOS App Store just moments ago, brings the music streaming experience to Spotify premium users ($10/month).The app includes new integration with AirPlay allowing you to send your music to compatible sound systems or your Apple TV. It also has gapless playback and crossfade (DJ time?), search for your playlists, users, and music tracks. It also allows you to check what’s hot and trending, and sync your playlists offline.

So go ahead. Delete Spotify for iPhone off of your device and download the iPad Retina-graphics substitute. Make jams and enjoy! Unless of course, you’re all about Rdio, Spotify’s biggest competitor.


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