A simple iPad guide for the elderly

The number of times that I’ve recommended an iPad over a PC to people who are a little bit older has been climbing rapidly over the last month. If they check email, surf the web, and look at photos, there’s not really anything better than an iPad—it does it well, it does it elegantly, and it does it for the fraction of the cost of a laptop or desktop.

One of the biggest hurdles these days is explaining all the nuances of an iPad. How do you lock the device, where’s the dock connector, how do you put it to sleep, etc. As of this very moment I’ll be forwarding people this PDF instead of engaging in the same Q and A a couple of times a month. Mark Grambau has taken the pre-emptive approach and designed a brief how to guide for the “elderly.” I’d argue that the name need a little bit of work, and that the PDF is great for everyone new to the device. He did a great job on the multiple page instructions.

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