Show Off Your Nerdiness With Yoshi On Your Mac


We all know Yoshi as the adorable green dinosaur from Nintendo’s beloved Mario series. He loves to gobble up fruit, and then take Mario on magical adventures. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay homage to the most adorable of video game characters by slapping him on your MacBook? Well, now you can.

This vinyl decal of Yoshi is available in different sizes to fit your computer. From the 11-inch MacBook Air to the 17-inch MacBook Pro, you’re covered. Heck, there is even a version that fits the iPad. If you have an Apple on the back of your device, this probably fits it.

If you want to grab your very own Yoshi decal, you’re going to need to drop $7.99 USD on Etsy. Shipping to the US is $5.99, but your mileage may vary depending on where you live. You might end up having to pay $15.00 USD for shipping in some places.

Do you like the Yoshi decal? Have your own decal, and want to show it off? Send us a picture of the back of your MacBook or iPad by tweeting us @macgasm. We want to see how crazy and creative you folks are, so don’t wait to show off your wild side.

Grant is a writer from Delaware. In his spare time, Grant maintains a personal blog, hosts The Weekly Roar, hosts Quadcast, and writes for video games.