Samsung Reportedly No Longer Producing Batteries For Apple

China Business News has reported that Samsung will no longer be supplying Apple with batteries for its iPad and Macbook product lines. The report says that Apple will be switching over to the Chinese companies Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery as the new manufacturers for the its batteries.

This news should be taken with a grain of salt, as conflicting reports regarding Samsung’s dealings with Apple have been coming out over the past few weeks. I would recommend waiting for an official statement from either Apple or Samsung before taking anything as fact. If the reports are true, this would mean a much more rapid separation of Apple and Samsung than expected. While Apple definitely wants to separate itself from its Korean competitor, the company has previously stated to shareholders that it currently has a strong and healthy business relationship that isn’t expected to end in the immediate future.

Clearly, the media has overplayed the seemingly malicious rivalry between the two competing companies. While the two companies can often be found battling it out in court over several minor issues, these shouldn’t be viewed as moves sparked by rivalry, nor should they be linked to the business and manufacturing deals that the companies share. These are both publicly owned companies that are simply trying to maximize profits at all costs, whether this means winning a court case against a competitor, or using a competitor as a parts manufacturer.

Apple will continue to partner with Samsung until the point where it makes more sense financially to switch to a different supplier. If Apple has in fact already switched battery suppliers, maybe this complete separation of the two companies will come sooner than expected.

Image Credit: Detect Apple

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