Samsung plays it cool, pulls Smart Cover ripoff from sale

Samsung and Apple are in a pretty hot patent battle. Apple claims that Samsung has pretty much ripped off a number of key Apple patents. The very-public battle has been ongoing for months now, but things just seem to keep getting worse for Samsung.

Yesterday, the guys over at 9to5 Mac found a smart case clone available for sale, and carrying the “Designed for Samsung Mobile” moniker handed out by the company to its partners. Wha doe’s that mean? Someone at Samsung knew the clone existed, and passed on permission to use the “Designed for Samsung” tagline on the smart case clone, or so it seemed.

Not the case says Samsung, who issued a statement today on their Samsung Tomorrow website:

As a general practice, Samsung Electronics reviews and approves all accessories produced by partners before they are given the “Designed for Samsung Mobile” mark.

In this case, approval was not given to Anymode for the accessory to feature this official designation.  We are working with Anymode to address this oversight and the product has already been removed from the Anymode sales website.  The product has not been sold.

We find it hard to believe that the product wasn’t given permission from someone at Samsung.

But, that’s besides the point at this stage of the game. Have you seen the InCase Convertible Magazine Jacket? If anything, both Anymode and Apple ripped off the design from InCase. Anymode’s case is almost a carbon copy of the Convertible Magazine Jacket, and Apple’s Smart Cover, at the very least, took an iterative next step by adding magnets.

So, while we’re not advocating patent theft of any kind, it’s pretty obvious that InCase is getting ripped off large from both Apple and Samsung.

Source: Samsung
Via: The Next Web

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