Apple component maker is biting its thumb at iPad 3 Retina display rumors

Some of Apple’s iPad component makers claim that there is a plan by the company for “higher-resolution” touchscreens, but they also say it’s just in its early phases. They claim it’s unlikely to happen in 2011, but 2012 may be the lucky year. Some suggest that Apple may go for AMOLED technology or a similar high-resolution standard in order to make an upgrade on the image quality on these devices. This was reported but the DigiTimes on Monday this week.

The report says:

“Sources from touch panel makers pointed out that Apple recently released its latest tablet PC plan and is asking the panel makers to provide products that are capable to support higher image quality than the current iPad 2…”

“…Apple may even choose AMOLED panel or panel that support Full HD standard to accomplish the plan. However, since the project is still at the initial planning stage, the actual products are unlikely to appear in 2011.”

Currently, rival company Samsung mostly controls the AMOLED technology, and so it may be unlikely that Apple would want anything to do with a technology that another company controls. There were also claims that the iPad 3 would possibly be released in 2011 as well, but this seems highly unlikely as they would be biting into their own profits by limiting the number of iPad2s being purchased.

Steve Jobs did declare 2011 “the year of iPad 2,” so this could indicate that only the second version will be released this year.

I personally can’t see another upgrade happening this year, but I also would have never thought they could have made the iPad 2 so thin. It is really an amazing device to hold. The weight of it and thinness make it a sure winner compared with other similar technology that is currently available, and I still can’t see any clear competition. Also, from a developer point of view, creating several sets of graphic assets for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (at twice the size) and iPad is already a challenge. Adding yet another resolution for developers to work with is going to be a giant pain.

Do you think the current screen resolution on the iPad is good enough? Would you like to see Retina resolution on the iPad? Would it make any difference to you?

Article Via AppleInsider

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