Rumor: Reuters witness sees iPad 2, but fails to snap a picture. Go Figure.

Today, while announcing The Daily, Rupert Murdoch was pretty clear about the dividing line between “real journalism” and “free journalism.” He talked about the quality of writers and editors as the primary driving force behind The Daily. To Murdoch, and by extension News Corps., that is what will set them apart. It makes me wonder what he thinks about Reuters.

What’s ironic is that moments after their announcement, two “journalists” from Reuters spotted, and wrote about, an unreleased iPad. They saw it really good—it came complete with a description on their website: a “front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen.” Outside of that one relatively obvious assertion, no photos were taken of the device.

We’ll let you be the judge of the veracity of this rumor, but we have to say that we’re pretty skeptical. Could the device have been present at the event? Sure. Would it be likely that Apple Inc. was waving the device around in a room full of journalists, mostly comprised of people working the consumer electronics beat? Not likely. My best guess is that either Apple tipped off Reuters, or Reuters made it up. We don’t have proof of either, but those are the most likely scenarios.

The iPad 2 is coming, and there have been a ton of rumors on the internet for months that point to a front-facing camera. It’s not that difficult for me to reach the same conclusions as the “Reuters eyewitness” and I wasn’t even at the event.

Way to lead the way Reuters.

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