Rumor: iPhone 5 getting curved glass, not in production yet

Everyone’s favorite rumor site is at it again. DigiTimes is reporting that Apple may be contemplating, and at this point implementing, a curved glass screen for the iPhone 4S (nee iPhone 5). Apple appears to be so interested in the new glass that they’ve purchased between 200-300 glass cutting machines to make it a possibility. We should also point out that Apple has used a curved screen in the past on the last generation iPod nano.

Samsung has also dabbled with a curved glass screen in the past. The Nexus S uses a concave glass screen, and Samsung believes that it offers up an increase in perceived usability. This news is an interesting little tidbit, but perhaps the most interesting part of the whole DigiTimes article is the fact that they mention that there is still no timetable for volume production of the next iPhone.

Rumors have placed the next iPhone release sometime in September 2011, but if Apple doesn’t start cranking these devices out quickly, we might not be seeing the device until later in the fall. That being said, it has long been reported that Apple was able to crank out between 2 million and 4 million iPhone 4s per month last summer.

If the numbers remain accurate for the iPhone 5, Apple wouldn’t have to start production until early July to meet the demand, should it be similar to the iPhone 4’s demand. Last year, Fast Company reported that Apple sold about 3 million iPhone 4s per month during its first month of sales.

Article Via Digitimes
Photo Credit: John.Karakatsanis

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