Rumor: iPad 3 announcement could be coming as soon as February


Oy vey! Japanese Apple blog Macotakara is reporting that they have sources that say an iPad announcement is coming next month, although the product won’t ship until March.

Macotakara, verbatim:

According to asian supplier and a source in United States, Apple seems to prepare to hold Special Event in early February. Because Chinese factory will be in holiday of New Year, then new product is concidered to be released in early March.

It’s not exactly ballsy to predict a new iPad in March. Consensus around the Apple community has long put the iPad 3 in a Q1 2012 launch window. It is interesting that they’re going out on a limb, and saying that we will see it announced a month early. Even if they’re right, which we have no evidence that they are, it could be as simple as an announcement at the very tail end of February with a shipment in the first week of March.

In any case, buying an iPad 2 right now would be ill advised. Even if the iPad 2 sticks around, it will likely see a price drop. Unless you absolutely need an iPad for work, just wait about six to eight weeks for the latest and greatest.

Source: Macotakara

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