Rumor: Apple may have made last minute changes to the iPad 2

Putting aside the argument that a product can’t be delayed if it hasn’t been announced for a moment, there has been some news that there might be a bottleneck in factories that are producing the iPad 2.

According to Bussinessweek, Apple made several changes to the iPad 2 at the last minute, thereby forcing them to push the release date back to June, instead of the rumoured April. There’s no mention of what was introduced to the iPad 2, or what will be changed. Also, keep in mind that they say the release date will be delayed and not the announcement date.  We could still hear about the iPad 2 in the near future at a product announcement.

“Our checks suggest new issues are being encountered with the new production and it is taking time to resolve them,” said Chen in the report. “As a number of Android 3.0 tablets are being launched in April and May, the delay in iPad 2 shipments may give the Android camp a brief window of opportunity.”

If true, it could be a sad day for Apple fans. Personally, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, a small part of me was hoping for an iPhone 5/iPad 2 / MacBook Pro announcement extravaganza.

Delays are one thing, but the mention of a window of opportunity for Android is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. While, Team Android might be able to get a few more sales out the door during this time, until we see the iPad 2’s guts, there isn’t much to discuss.  Personally I hope that Apple keeps delaying these things internally until they get it right.  It’s better to ship an amazing upgrade than it is to ship something just to get it out the door.

Let’s have some fun with this one, what do you think Apple changed at the last minute? My money is on unicorn tears.


Reuters is saying that the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 delay rumors are “untrue.” And on goes the rumor mill…

Article Via Businessweek
Image Credit: Yutaka Tsutano

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