Rumor: Apple is scrambling to get showcase apps ready for iPad 3

With Apple’s iPad 3 event rumored to be happening the first week of March, it’s kind of expected that the company is working with some top third-party developers to get applications ready to show off the power and upgrades that will be appearing in the new iPad.

According to The Next Web, “sources with knowledge of the matter” have approached the news site with information that suggests that Apple is in “crunch mode” trying to get illustrative applications ready for the big day.

From The Next Web:

Apple’s pre-event weeks are often spent soliciting demonstrations from many app developers and preparing demonstrations of those apps for the live event. Our sources tell us that this selection process is continuing at an increased rate as Apple looks to finalize the lineup for the iPad 3. There is also emphasis on graphics-oriented applications with high-definition assets, which appears to be in line with the new iPad featuring a ‘Retina’ display.

We’re sure that this type of thing is a normal occurrence at Apple before every new product launch keynote. After reading a little bit about Apple’s extreme attention to detail heading into these keynotes, just to ensure that they go off as planned, we’re not really surprised that the company might be working hard to push these third party developers to get the applications where they need to be before the big day.

Via: The Next Web

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