Reader’s Digest adds subscription options to their iPad app

Have you ever realized how unique Reader’s Digest is? First, it’s been around F O R E V E R. Second, I’m pretty sure that subscriptions were mandatory for every household in the ’70s and quite possibly the ’80s. Finally, it’s not unusual at all to get as excited about old issues (whether you’ve read them or not) as it is new issues. Why? Because you are practically guaranteed to find something new.

If you’re a fan of Reader’s Digest, and you like reading magazines on your iPad, then you’ll love this little nugget. According to The Apple Blog, Reader’s Digest has signed up for Apple’s in-app subscriptions! You can buy individual magazines for $1.99 each, or sign up for a one-year subscription for a paltry $14.99. As an added bonus, if you’re already getting the magazine in your home, you can now receive the digital version at no extra cost for the next six months.

I grew up reading this magazine at my grandparent’s home in Milton, FL. The new copy would be in the living or dining room, and the previous issue(s) would find a home in the john, resting peacefully on the small table that comes free with every toilet. Military stories came first, then jokes, to be followed with the feature story… time permitting. What wonderful days.

Don’t waste any more time reading about the Reader’s Digest. Go download a fresh copy, eat some bran, and make people wonder why you’re taking so long in the bathroom. Which makes me realize there is one more unique aspect to the magazine: it’s name — Reader’s Digest. Is it ironic to you that a good portion of reading this magazine takes place during a stage of digestion? Maybe it’s a safe alternative to ex-lax… I don’t know.

Generally speaking, are you enjoying reading magazines on the iPad? What do you prefer or dislike?

Source: TheAppleBlog
Via: GigaOM

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