Updated: Panic raises $56,224 for Japan in one day!

Panic has vowed to donate 100% of today’s sales to relief efforts in Japan. If you’re in the market for an FTP client, text editor, usenet reader, or some other goodies, now’s the moment to buy. Not only will you be helping out Japan, but you’ll also be getting Transmit, Coda, or Unison for your troubles.

It’s almost like making a donation for free.

From the Panic Blog:

“Even though what happened will never go away, Japan will, as they have before, go forward. But the line between then and now is long. And we’ve got work to do.”

Do your part. If you’re in the market for any of the apps mentioned above, make a purchase. If you’re not, but you run a blog, donate a day’s worth of revenue. Hell, do whatever you can to help out. At the very least, jump onto iTunes and donate $5.00 to the Red Cross.

Update:  According to the Panic team, they’ve officially raised $56,224.00 for relief efforts in Japan. Pretty snazzy! Well done Panic!

Article Via The Panic Blog

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