New iPad Mini Case Features Rumored Design Details

Just like with the iPhone 5, the iPad mini is gathering quite the number of rumors ahead of its assumed release date. GizChina has pointed out several case designs on sale in China for the rumored 7.85-inch device, which feature design details consistent with what we have heard the iPad mini will have.

The most recent rumors have suggested that the iPad mini will look more like a large iPod touch than a smaller iPad. It’s also been rumored that it will have a rear camera, although other rumors have suggested otherwise. Judging by the cases pointed out by GizChina, the iPad mini will have a rear camera, but some lack room for a rear LED flash, and a mini dock connector.

Others images of the cases show the usual microphone opening at the top of the device and an extra upper-back opening, although the purpose of it isn’t clear. The images also indicate a much thinner bezel than on the current iPads. The case designs still feature the FaceTime camera at the front.

Source: GizChina via Mac Rumors
Image Credit: GizChina

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