Netflix use on Apple TV passes iPad

According to Netflix’s quarterly earnings report, more customers are using the service on an Apple TV than the iPad. This is despite the fact that Apple has sold over 15 million iPads and only 2 million Apple TVs.

The Apple TV Netflix interface is far superior to that of Netflix’s iPad app, and clearly people still enjoy watching video on a television.

According to Business Insider:

Netflix finished Q4 with 20.01 million subscribers, more than the 19.5 million the Street was expecting. During 2010, it added 7.7 million subscribers, more than the 2.9 million subscribers it added in 2009.

With Netflix looking more and more to streaming as the future of its business, this is good news for the company and for Apple. At $99, the Apple TV is priced low enough that many can purchase one on impulse. Clearly people are happy with the device, even if it’s just being used as Netflix box.

Article Via Mac Stories

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