Murdoch: The Daily should be here in a couple of weeks

According to James Murdoch, The Daily “should” launch in a couple of weeks. At least that’s what he’s been saying at the super prestigious, invite-only DLD Conference this week.  There’s no mention in the interview of what’s keeping the digital magazine from shipping in the first place.

But, it sounds like Murdoch and gang think that The Daily, complete with 126 journalists, and the app’s 99 cent-per-week price point, will really change the digital news world that we live in today.

The Daily, as a project, is hoping to take a step outside of the RSS feed, echo chamber world that we have grown to rely on and instead provide actual news articles, written by actual journalists. The world is starving for legitimate digital news, and should The Daily be as successful as some think it might, it’s going to fill a pretty huge niche on the iPad.

We’re not saying that blogging and new-age journalism is dead, but instead, that it should be interesting to see how old media tackles new media.

On thing’s for certain, we wholeheartedly agree with James Murdoch’s assertion that “we need publishers to start asserting the value of copyrighted content much more, in general.” A lot of people provide news for free, but at the current rate, it’s not exactly sustainable.

If you want to read the rest of James Murdoch’s interview at DLD, you can get it on TechCrunch.

Article Via TechCrunch

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