So long Android, the iPad has just passed you in browser share

We get a lot of drive-by comments from Android users these days. They’re pretty passionate about their device of choice, and they should be — there’s some snazzy Android devices out there. That being said, we’re a Mac blog, so we focus on things like this: the iPad has officially moved ahead of the Android in browser usage share.


We’ll save the debate about which device is better for another day, but we will say this — it looks like the iPad is more mainstream than Android at this point, and it only took three months for the iPad to surpass Android in browser share. That’s pretty damn impressive.

Apple’s clearly created a behemoth of a device that could be a contender for years to come. It’s going to be interesting to see how this trend continues once Android starts shipping their own tablet based computers. Sure, there’s a couple out there, but for the most part the Android tablets are just starting to come to fruition. It should be an interesting year.

Article Via Just Another iPad Blog

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