Leaked Photos Reveal Finished iPad Mini For The First Time?

Since rumors of a possible iPad mini first surfaced, allegedly leaked photos have been making the rounds. Now a new image was spotted by Chinese blog, DGtle, and Nowhereelse.fr posted the images on Tuesday. The photos allegedly show a finished model of the iPad mini. Could be an iPad Mini, could be a piece of cardboard.

The device seen in the photos is a physical mockup of the iPad mini and includes many of the features and specifications that the iPad mini is rumored to have. As seen in the photos, the iPad is expected to have a 4:3 aspect ratio for the display and narrower bezels on the sides to make it easier to hold the smaller iPad.

Apple is expected to be holding a media event sometime in October to introduce the iPad mini, although this hasn’t been confirmed by Apple itself.

Source: nowhereelse.fr via Mac Rumors
Image Credit: nowhereelse.fr

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