Leaked images of iPad 3 weight gain, bigger back panel, and lens

If you haven’t heard by now, the iPad 3 is likely coming within the next two weeks, and that usually means leaked images will be popping up like a bad rash. Chinese tech blog M.I.C.gadget has published such an image. The photos focus on the back shell of the alledged new device. As you can easily deduce from the image, the iPad 3 could indeed be thicker than its predecessor, and it may have more of a tapered style. Just think of it as an iPad 2 that managed to eat too much and is now wearing a corset. There, I think that captures it.

As for the weight gain, that could easily be attributed to the new Retina display, LTE compatibility, and the predictably larger battery (both in life and size). However, M.I.C. gadget has reported that it still found several iPad 2 cases to work with the new tablet. The Chinese tech blog also noted that the back of the iPad 3 “has room for a larger camera lens.” However, I don’t think this would be too big of a surprise if it happens. Name one iOS device that didn’t come with a “larger camera lens” in its successor. Regardless, with Apple said to announce the iPad 3 in the coming weeks, one thing’s for sure, all shall be revealed before spring officially starts.

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