iPad to eventually replace comics? Marvel might be placing a small bet on that.

If there was ever a medium meant for the iPad, it’s comic books. It hasn’t taken long for comic geeks everywhere to start drooling over the potential a digital device like an iPad could have on the entire industry.

The thrill of picking up a rare edition of a comic will never go away, but having a comic within your grasp wherever you are is a pretty enticing opportunity. I’d love to see where the creative’s can push the medium to on a digital device. I’ve often wondered if a news application could bring the same look and feel as the paper’s used in the Harry Potter films, and now I wonder if some creative could take movement and implement it into a comic book setting. I’m not talking about a cartoon, but instead, small movements that would help bring the comic book to life a little. I’ll probably get flamed a little from the Comic book die-hards, but I think we might be looking at a ground breaking medium for the comic book industry.

The CNN article talks about the Apple connection to Marvel via Disney and Steve Jobs, so the potential for a Marvel iPhone app could be a little more realistic than originally thought by some.

I’ve been out of the comic book game for a long while, but it’d be a lot easier for me to get back into it if I could purchase issues directly from my mobile device. If I could buy an issue here and there, and be able to admire the amazing illustrations from the luxury of a digital display, Marvel would find themselves with a new customer.

Via CNN Money

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