iPad sticks fork in notebook market, declares it done

The iPad’s remarkable impact on the portable computing industry isn’t really in dispute, but a report from Deutsche Bank has underlined how Apple’s “magical” device has, in fact, vaulted them ahead of all notebook makers. The strength of the iPad’s sales rockets Apple from the last of six global portable manufacturers to number one. What’s more, notebooks can’t seem to keep their noses up, as sales of all the iPad’s competitors in that market are declining.

Gigaom reports on the figures and added a few thoughts:

Even last December, it was apparent that the iPad was propelling Apple’s stake in the mobile PC market higher, and that doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of slowing. Competitors are still having trouble finding a foothold for their own tablets, although some predict that they’ll manage to do so in the next few years. But even if Apple doesn’t have as commanding a lead by then, it will still have secured its spot atop the mobile-computing heap, if trends continue along the path outlined by Whitmore.

April, May and June of 2011 saw Apple bank $6B on the iPad alone, where the same quarter saw $5B of profit for the rest of their non-iOS product line (i.e. Mac desktops and portables). That’s 9.25M iPads. In case you’re wondering about how iPads stack up against other tablets, the  number of Blackberry PlayBook tablets sold in the same quarter tallied 250,000; impressive numbers until you take into consideration that that means the iPad outsells the PlayBook by a figure of roughly 40:1.

Source: Gigaom

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