iPad Mini To Be Released On November 2?

Just yesterday Apple sent out invitations to its second fall media event set for October 23 where the iPad mini is expected to be announced. Now that that rumor is confirmed, one last question remains: when will it be released to the public? Reports are pointing towards Friday, November 2.

According to Geeky Gadgets, a retailer in the United Kingdom, the iPad mini will be launching on November 2, at least in the US and the UK, and pre-orders will reportedly start on October 26.

November 2 does seem like a likely launch day given Apple’s past launch history and the fact that the media event is confirmed for October 23. Apple usually releases new mobile devices on Fridays, making them available about a week and a half after their introduction. This was seen with the iPhone 5 launch and release last month.

The fact that the iPad mini might be considered a new product line, though, could change this expected schedule. Just like the original iPhone and first-generation iPad, there could be a longer wait between the announcement of the iPad mini and its actual release to the public. Hopefully this isn’t the case, though, and the iPad mini will be released on November 2.

Image Credit: Tablet News

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