iPad 3 might have a quad-core A5 chip

So it seems that Apple’s iBook 2 release may force the tech giant to double the processor of the iPad 3. With the new technology and advanced graphics in these digital textbooks, the iPad may begin to show its age. A 1GHz dual-core A5 chip just won’t cut it. So can we expect a quad-core A5 chip? Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry thinks so.

“Developers feel that iBooks 2 will force Apple to upgrade the A5 chipset on the next generation of iPad from current dual-­?core to quad-­?core to facilitate even richer textbook experience,” says Chowdhry.

Referencing some developers, Chowdhry went on to say that iBooks 2 textbooks were very slow on the iPad but performed fine on the iPad 2. Therefore, as the interactive content and digital brilliance of the developers increase with iBooks Author, the performance of the current chip may decrease. In their first three days after launch, 350,000 iBook textbooks and 90,000 copies of iBook Author have been downloaded. Clearly these new educational tools are catching on.

Now the question is in what device can we expect this bump? After all, there’s an odd rumor going around that Apple might release two iPads this year.

Via: iBTimes

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