iPad 2 mockup shows up at CES

I’ve often wondered how companies manage to build cases for Apple products that haven’t reached the market yet. Obviously, Apple sends them specs for the new devices, and then makes them sign their souls away in blood before letting them in on the secrets surrounding the new product.

When a case shows up at CES for a device that’s not even on shelves yet, people tend to notice. Engadget stumbled onto a Dexim case for the iPad 2 while patrolling the floors of CES. The case, a keyboard / laptop model, features most of the iPad 2 rumors we’ve been hearing from other leaks around the internet (2 cameras, big speaker, etc). While the case is getting most of the attention, it’s the iPad 2 mockup that they created that has my attention.

Dexim took the specifications they were given and turned it into a faux-iPad. We could very well be looking at the form-factor of the next iPad.

Article and Images Via Engdaget

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