Great, now we have to put up with people watching live TV while they shop

In today’s connected world, I pretty much assume that an iPad will find its way into every school, job, and politician’s office on the planet, but I have to admit I never once thought about putting iPads directly into shopping carts at a grocery-store.

Sainsbury’s and Sky TV have created a new shopping cart that has an iPad holder and speaker system built directly into the cart. The move wasn’t made to help you shop at Sainsbury’s, and it won’t help you find the food products you’re looking for either. Instead of actually being useful, the iPad will stream Sky TV entertainment directly to your cart.

Hilariously, the company has even included a collision detection system that will audibly notify customers when their carts are getting too close to other carts in the store.

Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

If you can’t spend thirty minutes shopping for food without having to be plugged into your television programming then something is seriously wrong. The last thing I need is a bunch of hapless customers crashing into each other when I’m trying to buy dinner. If you thought the grocery store was packed on a Friday night, just imagine how packed it’s going to be with people slumbering around watching television and trying to buy food at the same time.

Source: The Telegraph
Via: TiPb

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