Graph: iPad Mini Owners Share More Content Through Social Networks Online

Onswipe has just released a bunch of interesting information on the new iPad mini and user tendencies with the device. Surprisingly, the company found that there’s drastic differences in social sharing behaviors between users who use an iPad mini and those that use the normal 10-inch iPad. According to its findings, iPad mini users are much more likely to share content on Twitter and Facebook while 10-inch iPad users tend to prefer to share content through email. That’s pretty bizarre considering the operating system and built-in software are exactly the same on both devices.

We have a couple of thoughts on the differences. The iPad mini, being relatively new and in the hands of early adopters, would likely also be in the hands of people who use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to communicate online. Given the length of time that the iPad has been around, and the fact that the device is making huge inroads in corporate environments, it kind of makes sense that that particular demographic still gravitates to email to send information. We have no evidence to back any of that up, and it’s just a hunch, but it may explain the drastic differences in practices between iPad mini and regular iPad users at this point.

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