Flipboard update refines the experience

Flipboard has updated their revolutionary social media magazine, and they’ve decided to include a number of highly anticipated features. Of course, excluding RSS and Google Reader support. New in version 1.0.2 is the ability to add up to 21 new sections to your contents page, previously at nine, automatic refreshing, and offline browsing. Two of which we’re pretty excited about. The automatic update feature could be handy, but could also be a little bit daunting if you have more than fifty followers.

Even more important than the aforementioned features is the updated layout algorithm that has made the page layout engine a lot smarter, optimizing screen real-estate in a way that the last version couldn’t. As it stands Flipboard will be placing more emphasis on Tweets that contain content over those that don’t, a major gripe with the previous version. Too often in version 1 and 1.01 the wrong tweets were getting emphasis for me. While I enjoy reading about what my followers ate for breakfast, I prefer to read what others find interesting in Flipboard, thankfully they’ve addressed that.

If you haven’t tried it out just yet, go give it a download, it’s pretty neat. Flipboard polls your Facebook and Twitter streams for links, images, and other media then displays its findings in a traditional magazine-like layout—it really highlights the media in social media.

Article Via Macworld

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