Expert Witness In Apple Vs. Samsung Trial Says Samsung’s Designs Are “Substantially The Same”

The Apple vs. Samsung trial has begun to heat up. On Monday Apple brought Peter Bressler, Apple’s first expert witness, to the stand. During his testimony, Bressler claimed Samsung’s designs were “substantially the same” as Apple’s, but faltered somewhat when he was cross-examined by Samsung’s lawyers.

Bressler, founder of design firm Bresslergroup, walked the jury through the designs of a number of Samsung smartphones and tablets to try to illustrate the similarities with Apple’s asserted patents. Bressler did allege that Samsung’s designs infringe on a number of Apple patents.

Bressler said, “My opinion (is) that there are a number of Samsung phones and two Samsung tablets that are substantially the same as the design in those (Apple) patents.” He also went on to say that the designs are so similar that a customer could confuse a Samsung product with one from Apple.

During his cross-examination by Samsung’s lawyer, Bressler did admit that he hadn’t actually witnessed any customers accidentally purchasing a Samsung product instead of an Apple product by mistake. Bressler was also questioned about the design elements between the two companies’ devices and said at one point, “you’re asking me to compare peanut butter and turkey.” In response he said, “I’m getting frustrated by the level of detail you’re asking me to analyze.”

The Apple vs. Samsung trial will continue on Tuesday with more testimony from Bressler and another of Apple’s expert witnesses, Susan Kare, former Creative Director at NeXT and contributor to the first Mac’s graphical elements, responsible for some of the original Mac’s classic icons.

Source: CNET and The Verge via Apple Insider
Image Credit: Apple InsiderĀ 

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