Experience A New Wave Of Motion Comics With Madefire

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Not long ago, we showed how you can bring your favorite comics to your iPad. Today, we want to show what the future of comics going forward might look like.

Motion comics have been around for a while, and there have been some successful implementations. But now that touch-based devices have removed a level of abstraction that a controller or a mouse has, it can be a much more immersive experience. Madefire, a free iPad app, has taken motion comics to the next level. Not only do you get to experience the action more fluidly and dynamically, but it also takes advantage of aspects of the device like the accelerometer and multi-touch to allow you to interact with the comic like you never have been able to before. Want to see what’s right behind the hero standing in the corner? Drag your finger around the screen, and you can see the scene from a different perspective.


For all our work to revolutionize the reading experience, we believe that our philosophy is what sets Madefire apart from other technology companies. As artists and creators ourselves, the ‘creator-first’ philosophy lies at the very heart of our endeavor. We believe that creative teams should lead innovation, both in thinking and practical terms. So we developed our Motion Book Tool to deliver a wholly reimagined collaboration experience for the storytellers, stylists, innovators and writers behind the stories. Our goal is to give creators the freedom to escape from the traditional confines of 21 static pages, and create a new world of words, pictures, motion and sound. Our hope is that this technology will bring a new dimension of expression and originality to storytelling. As renowned comic book creator Dave Gibbons put it, “We are creating a new grammar for an ever-evolving medium.”

Interestingly, that means that anyone can sign up for beta access to their Motion Book Tool, and the creative types can transform their own works into stunning motion comics. This is great news for comic fans, and even better news for creaters.

Madefire Teaser Film from Madefire on Vimeo.

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