Eating Desktop Marketshare: The iPad Story


Considering how bad Microsoft is at hype, there is still a considerable buzz around Windows 8. Some are under the impression that Windows 8 will help sinking PC sales, but that might not be the case. Perhaps the iPad is eroding interest in PCs.

Daniel Eran Dilger, AppleInsider:

Outside of Apple’s Macs, sales in the global PC market have remained stagnant for several quarters, with many predicting a rebound after Microsoft ships Windows 8. But that’s not going to stop the decline, an analyst with Barclays states. There’s no question that PC sales have continued to shrink, both in the US and globally, but there is some controversy about the cause. In July, IDC reported a 10.6 percent decline in US sales, and a slight decline globally. Gartner’s estimates were not much better, indicating a 5.7 percent decline in the US. Greatly increased sales of Apple’s iPad, introduced just two years ago, have clearly replaced millions of PC sales among consumers, education and in the enterprise across a variety of tasks where Apple’s easy to manage and use device has replaced conventional desktop PCs, full sized notebooks and economy netbooks.

Many people who are ass-deep in traditional computers continue to cover their ears and spout out the same old line: The keyboard and mouse aren’t going anywhere. As voice, touch, and motion have slowly infiltrated popular culture as ways of interacting with computers, the old system just doesn’t hold the same sway it once did. We now have regular people using voice dictation, motion gaming controls, and touch-based gestures. It isn’t a flight of fancy any longer. While the mouse and keyboard might have a niche for years to come, the traditional computer market is in for some rough roads ahead. Apple has recognized that desktops and laptops are the business of yesteryear, and they have done swimmingly.

What do you think? Is the PC doomed to a niche market, or will most people still use them for work in twenty years? Sound off by leaving a comment below this post. Let’s have a discussion about this.

Source: AppleInsider
Image Credit: David Goehring

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