DOOM Classic now available on iPad with Retina support

I’ve been sunning myself in Italy the past week. In the past this meant bringing a Nintendo DS and PSP to get my gaming fix, but this changed with the iPhone – nowadays it’s where I do the majority of my gaming and having a single gaming device for being on the move is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, to DOOM Classic – the iOS port of id Software’s most popular franchise. Wolfenstein might be the chicken, but the First-Person Shooting egg was Doom. It created the world’s most popular genre and defined a generation of gamers.

Originally released for smaller iOS devices, DOOM Classic has now been updated to support the iPad and Retina display. This means you can get your imp-slaying fix in HD and with an easier control scheme (the original iPhone version was always a bit fiddly due to the screen size). They’ve also redesigned the menus for a cleaner look.

If you’re one of the few people in the world who still has yet to play DOOM, get purchasing. DOOM Classic also includes multiplayer action for those who want to bring the fight to other gamers.

Grab it for a reasonable $4.99.

Via: iPad Insight
Image Credit: id Software

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