Doodle Jump lands on the iPad

If you’re an iPad-user looking for more ways to throw your discretionary time into the wood chipper, look no further than Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump. The cute platform jumper sketches platforms, enemies, traps and powerups onto a background of grid paper, and the player tilts left and right to save the life of a jumping… uh… actually, I don’t know what that thing is supposed to be.

According to PocketGamer, the delays involved with getting Doodle Jump from the iPhone to the iPad had a lot to do with figuring out a way to make the game work on a larger playing surface. Apparently, at one point, Lima Sky was looking at doing the Doodle Jump thing in landscape instead of portrait mode, thus getting the player to tip the iPad on its side instead of upright the way the iPhone version needs you to do. If you’re wrinkling your nose and thinking “really, Lima Sky?”, don’t worry. It didn’t make the cut.

However, this appears to have been filed under ‘failed experiment’ as Doodle Jump for iPad offers the experience we all know and love, including the various graphical themes, but on the big screen with higher resolution imagery.

There’s even a “racetrack” mode for two-player gaming, and the usual OpenFeint, Game Center, Twitter and Facebook integration and so-on. Or, to put it a different way, modes that post things on your social media profiles that make me block you for spam.

You can pick it up from the App Store for $2.99.

Source: PocketGamer

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