David Sims shot new iPad (2?) ads in NYC last month

Well, what do we have here? New iPad ads shot by British photographer David Sims? New iPad 2 ads, even? It seems that Apple filmed new ads for the iPad in New York last month, according to 9to5Mac. Sims is a fashion photographer having shot for Calvin Klein, Gap, and Prada,among many others, and he has done several commercials for Burberry and Cacharel.

According to a participant in the shoot at Pier 59 Studios, current generation iPads were used, which would be replaced in post production, and even though there were no new iPads on site, they were required to sign non-disclosure agreements (whoops!) and security was very tight. For all intents and purposes, it sounds like the real thing, but not having actual new iPad models, it’s hard to say.

Will we see new iPads before Christmas? Or will Apple stick to its usual schedule and wait until 2011? Maybe we’ll just see new iPad commercials before Christmas, which wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.

If iPad 2 does emerge, from what we can infer, its form factor won’t be significantly different from the current model, but Apple will instead focus on internal improvements. I for one would welcome an update, especially if it includes a FaceTime camera as anticipated, and perhaps a higher resolution screen. Then it will have made this long year of waiting and watching while other people played with their iPads somewhat worth it.

Good things come to those who wait, but we miss out on the fun in the meantime!

Article Via 9to5Mac.

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